Top 16 Songs of Coke Studio Pak that you must Listen before you Die – Beautiful Songs!


Top 16 Songs of Coke Studio that you must Listen before you Die – Beautiful Songs!

Musical growth has taken strong roots around the world. With captivating and innovative genres taking on board.

Pakistan is no exception. We are talking about Coke Studio in particular. It’s been a cultural heritage of this country. Diverse musical backgrounds ranging from, Punjabi agile music, Sindhi mystic music, Balochi suroz and Pashtoon rubab and mangai, makes Pakistani music altogether amusing and melodious.

Such contemporary music Generator and running the project successfully for years, in Pakistan, is un-dubiously coke studio. It has not only brought new music rather modified famous old cultural music into cultural pop.

We have compiled a list of top 15 songs from Coke Studio that have proved to be all-time favorites.

Here is the list,

1. Tajdar-e-haram – Atif Aslam

A tribute to Sabri Brothers brought a landmark success for season 8. Atif Aslam’s dynamic singing gave this best qawwali a different way that proved a hair-raising experience.

2- Chaap Tilak – RFAK & Abida Perveen

Chaap Tilak is one of the best sufi songs of all time and without this song, coke studio is incomplete. RFAK & Abida Perveen simply nailed it.

3- Paar Chana De – Noori ft Shilpa Rao

Paar Channa de is one of the most loved songs of Coke Studio because of the story behind it and the composition is just too good! Noori never dissapoints.

4- Rung – Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

Rung is one of the most loved kalams of all time. Rohail Hayat simply gives another touch to this qawalli and Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad also give the best. This track will take you to another world.

5- Saari Raat – NNoori

This songs needs no description. It is a motivation for all the broken hearts out there.

6 – Jalpari – Atif AAslam

This guys never fails to amaze us! Rohail Hayat re-composes the music of Jalpari and guys, its too good.

7- Aafreen Aafreen – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan/Momina Mustehsan

Great Gazal of all times sung previously by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan went a bit more ahead with a combo of hard and soft voices of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina Mustehsan. Classical, as well as modern touch, gave an amazing eternity.

8- Sar Kiye – Strings

Sar Kiye ye pahar! This song will take you to another world and you woulf not want to come back!

9- Dost – Abida PPerveen

Dost is one of the most beautiful and soul stirring songs of Coke Studio and if Abida Perveen sings any song, it does not remain just a song.

10- Sammi meri Waar – Umair Jaswal/QB

This one gave a musical cocktail from all provinces at the outset and energetic voices of Umair Jaswal and QB giving eternal pleasure while listening. It proved a great beat after a little criticism faced by Umair.

11- Daanah pah Daanah – Komal Rizvi/Akhtar Zahri

Frivolous Komal Rizvi and traditional Akhtar Zahri put newness to perpetually beloved ceremonious Balochi song. It’s just a great treat in events. Dragging audiences to stand and dance.

12- Lambi Judai – Komal RRizvi

Reshma’s sad feat famous still today got more decorations in Komal Rizvi’s effective voice. And caught many audiences as well.

13- Aik Alif – Noori/Saen Zahoor

Sindhi traditional folk music by Noori and Saieen Zahoor with mystic lyrics did wonders to coke studio.

14- Pere Pawandi saan – Tahir Mithu

A well-known Sindhi folk singer Tahir Mithu with charismatic voice did magic by singing this Sindhi song with extensions of guitars and modern instruments.

15- Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla – Meesha Shafi/Chakwaal group

Soothing union of Meesha shafi and chakwaal group left listeners dumbfounded. It is one of the best songs of Coke Studio.

16- Dastan-e-ishq – Ali ZZafar

Versatile Pakistani young singer who proved himself internationally, put colors to Coke Studio with this beautiful song. Ali Zafar has literally done justice to the feat.

But seriously, we believe that all songs of Coke studio has their own place and its really hard to choose some of them.


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