Oh bhens, Mawra Hocane’s latest “BOLD” photos are going viral – what is this?


Oh bhens, Mawra Hocane’s latest “BOLD” photos are going viral – what is this?


Mawra Hocane is not known for her work much rather she is known for all the unnecessary controversies. Sometimes she is the reason behind all the controversies and sometime, public.

Every now and then, Mawra Hocane finds herself in a controversy just like her sister, Urwa. And actually, we keep hearing about all this about other artists too because after all it is Showbiz!

AALIYA 🌸🌸💕 #Aangan

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Last time, she was trolled for controversial Photoshoot and this time, yes again for photos. No doubt, Marwa is an photo addict but it costs her a lot. Despite knowing the consequences, she can not resist.

This time she a few picture on her Instagram account last night and people went crazy in no time. People abused her because of her dress and this goes same with every time she posts something like this.

However, we believe nobody should be abusing anybody like this. People can make their opinion without using abusing language too, right?

But it feels like all the people should also need to change. Because before interfering in other’s matters, we need to look into ourselves.

Her caption of the photos “Me when someone is looking V me when no one is looking”
P.s ” Whoever you are just laugh till you can & love till you can, that’s what life is all about really … and oh follow your dreams”

Anyway, here are those photos. What do you think?


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