Girl From Lahore Shares The Story Of Uber Fraud And Everyone Should Read!


This post should be made as viral as possible. Services like Uber and Careem have without a doubt revolutionized travel in this country. The normal man finds it mega easy to travel distances, short or long, with applications like Uber.

However, every service comes with pros and cons. It pains me to say this, but in Pakistan, it just does not take long for services to get filled with scammers and fraudulent schemes. Uber started off with an absolute blast in its first year, but the brand has been receiving immense backlash in recent times.

Cases of sexual harassment and kidnapping have stormed applications like Careem and Uber, putting their future in serious jeapordies. Here’s a shocking story that we are going to share with our viewers.

Uber’s fares are known to be the most reasonable in the country when compared to services of similar kind. However, drivers have seemingly started off a new way to scam people.

Here’s the original facebook post

“Beware of frauds.. Uber drivers have started new way to make frauds.. Actually this happened to me last night when i book my ride from my home to z block DHA.. The estimated fare which showed me was three hundreds & something.. As i have voucher of 100 rupee off so i booked the ride..

Firstly my mobile app uber showed me that wagon R is coming but corrolla arrived.. I asked him that where is wagon R he said mam your ride has transferred to me.. He even showed me his mobile which was showing that it was my ride with him.. So i sit in his car when i arrived my destination i asked me to show the fare.. He showed me the green screen with 1395 fare…

I was shocked because there is only some kilometers between ghazi road & DHA Z block lahore.. So when i argued he said you have to pay it.. At that time i didn’t receive any mail from uber regarding my fare. So i eat & restaurant & when i saw mail from. Uber, my fare was 404 rupee…

I am very much disturbed & disappointed.. I don’t know how he created that fake fare. Then this happend again.. Today i booked my ride from my home to my office the fare which captain showed me was 295 & when i received mail it was i loss 1200 in 2 consecutive rides…

Please beware of such captains & always insist him to calculate fare before you..I am also showing captains profiles of my rides with there numbers. Mr Amjad (who makes 996 rupee fraud) number is 03350470105
Mr Ahsan( makes 200 rupee fraud) contact number is 03014596727″

Keep in mind, this post was in no way funded or backed by Career or other rival services. Being close to the media, we feel it is our utmost responsibility to educated the public about looking out for possible ways to get scammed. Feel free to comments out your thoughts in the comments section below.

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