Video : Imran Khan Will Go In Jail And Twitter Destroy Nawaz Shareef


Slamming Imran Khan while addressing the Haripur crowd on Saturday, Nawaz Sharif said that the man (Imran) who has targeted everyone with abuses and allegations, will end up in Jail.

Deposed (Na Ehel) prime minister Nawaz Sharif slammed the opposition and made multiple promises (as he always does) while addressing a PMLN party rally in Haripur on Saturday.

The former Prime Minister said the people had shunned the politics of allegations practiced by his opponents, indirectly pointing fingers at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Bashing PTI even more, Nawaz asked what had the party done for the province of KP where it was in power, signalling that it was in fact the PML-N which constructed a motorway syncing the province with Punjab to better the standard of living for the general public in both regions.

“Did you see their show three days ago? Their politics have been rejected by the people.”

Referring to PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s heavy criticism of the parliament, Nawaz said:

“He curses the same assembly for which he contests elections and draws a salary from. The man abused and accused everyone when he cursed the parliament”. I salute those judges who termed him sadiq and ameen.”

Nawaz further added that Imran Khan had admitted to owning an offshore company and other offences but was still set free by the judges.

Speaking of his own disqualification, the former PM said justice should not be one-sided and should be the equal for all.

“The scales of justice should be even for all.”

He also added the integrity of the vote should be respected and the choice of the people should not be shunned down.

During the rally which thousands attended, Nawaz also made another promise to people that his government would provide free housing if his party returns to power following the 2018 polls. Announcing his latest initiative, Nawaz said he will ensure that the poor have “a roof over their head”.

Addressing further, the PML-N head also said there will be a scheme which will benefit those who live in rented premises.

“The rent salaried individuals pay for their residence will be taken as installment for their house and not as rent,”

Nawaz reached the PML-N’s rally site in Haripur earlier. A stage was constructed for the central leadership of the party to talk to the participants of the Jalsa. Party leader Murtaza Javed Abbasi had visited the venue ground earlier to check preparations and security arrangements for the Jalsa.

The biggest highlight of it all was the party workers bringing in the party’s official mascot, an actual lion, to the rally site.

Here are some twitter reactions.

Here is Video

What do you guys think about Nawaz Sharif’s latest Dharna in Haripur? Should a disqualified Prime Minister be give so much protocol? Let us know in the comments section.


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