Pakistani Entrepreneur Launches Self Driving Grocery Car Startup in US


World First Self Driving Grocery Car Start in USA recently announce Especially for those People who don’t want to go to the Store.

Despite the fact that fruits and vegetables amount to 60% of all grocery items purchased, only 5% of their sales occur online. This is because people like to pick their own perishable food items, and do not trust the arrival of a particularly dented capsicum that only looked good in photos.Pakistani Entrepreneur Launches Self Driving Grocery Car Startup in US

How its Works

It’s done with an app that’s much like a ride hailing service, a map displays live locations of carts patrolling the streets for buyers. Users tap to request and unlock a grocery cart. A free checkout “grab and go” technology tracks the items purchased and customers get a receipt. They close the door. The driver-less car moves on.

Robomarts has requested testing permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California. Once it gets the necessary approval, the self-driving shopping mart will be serving shoppers from all around the state

Fleet Management System

Retailers would have access to our state-of-the-art autonomous fleet management system that manages orders, routing, restocking and teleoperations. Although this system will be automated, they would have the ability to manually communicate with customers, store staff and law enforcement via teleoperations if required, and access real time sales data and analytics


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