DNA Tests Of Zainab case reveals Shocking Information!


As details come out relating to the alleged rape and murder of eight-year-old Zainab, DNA and crime scene analysis reveal some shocking details.

Here’s what they are. There is some astonishing similarity being reported in the DNA tests conducted during the current Zainab case compared with the ones in the previous murders in Kasur.

According to multiple sources, the DNA found on the victim was similar to that found on previous rape and murder victims.

Besides DNA matches, other characteristics of the crime scene were also found similar. All the deceased victims were between the ages of five and eight. All of them would get kidnapped for few days prior to their bodies being recovered from abandoned places like construction places, parks, or trash heaps. Much like innocent Zainab, all previous victims were also found choked to death.

The first case showed up last year on 9th January when the body of a six-year-old girl was recovered. In April 2017, another similar incident followed with another six-year-old falling victim to similar heinous criminal activity. On average, a similar case was reported every month in 2017.
The shocked people of Kasur had previously protested countless times regarding the murders and rape of young kids in the city. Protests in Kasur over the recent alleged rape and murder of eight-year-old Zainab have gone on into Day 2.

The streets of Kasur were flooded with the stench of burning tyres on Wednesday as residents voiced their outrage at the devasatating news of little Zainab’s brutal murder. Zainab, who disappeared on Sunday, was found dead and raped in a heap of trash.

Protestors on Thursday continued protesting in front of DHQ Hospital, demanding the public flogging and hanging of “the animal responsible”.

Several politicians and activists condemned the death of the innocent angel and emphasized the importance of bringing the culprits to justice in the form of tweets that flooded Twitter.

Just for the sick record, upto 12 children have been killed in rape cases in Kasur in one year whereas police officers have killed three people involved in such criminal activities.

Imran Khan Tweeted

Meanwhile, police officers resorted to aerial firing when violent protesters tried to storm commissioner office. The eyewitnesses said that two people have been killed while three other sustained severe wounds in the clash.

The injured have been shifted to the hospital for medical assistance whereas the security personnel are busy in dispersing the locals.


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