Video : Punjab Police forces woman to strip naked


Punjab Police forces woman to strip naked

A woman, who’s origin is yet to be determined, was forced to strip down naked in front of a group of Punjab police women.

This has to be one of the most disturbing videos I have come across on the Internet in recent times. Before this, I used to try as hard as I could to stay out of political debates and arguments. But as it happens with everyone, this might be my breaking point and I feel the need to write on this.

We claim to live in the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, but is anything but “Islamic”. We call this the land of peace, but peace is nowhere near a familiar entity around here. We have the audacity to call this a civilized nation, but our civilization takes us back to the stone age.

Cops all around the world are notorious for their indecent and aggressive behavior towards civilians, but our focus today would primarily be on the Punjab Police. The infamous law and order authorities from the massive province of Punjab have always been a villain in the eyes of the people.

Watch the video and if you feel what I feel, then I can say that you have a heart. There’s a reason God made us human beings. If we do what animals do, what good is us being alive as humans in this world? Dont these Police workers have families? What if someone does this to one of their own family members.

The video of the woman being forced naked by the police went viral all over Social Media. So many questions arise from their weird incident. No matter how extreme a criminal the woman was, this was the last thing she deserved. No one should be forced to strip naked like this in public.

Ladies n Gentlemen, we are talking out of the bounds of politics and religion here. Neither do I support any specific political party, nor do I have any bias for religion. I just want to know what you people think about this video.

Does any woman deserve such treatment if she belongs to a cast, faith, race or religion that doesn’t coexist with yours? Please comment your thoughts down below.

Watch Video here : 


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